Saturday, December 08, 2007

What are you going to with it?

Silvi: Daddy, come. Let's watch Curious George in the living room.
Me: In a little bit, baby. Daddy was up real late last night.
Silvi: Why were you up late?
Me: Because Daddy was having an existential crisis.
Silvi: What are you going to do with your crisis?


Elbog said...

Would you like them on a bus?
I would not like them on a bus.
How bout with wisdom, on a pearl?
I just can't see me, in this world.
Would you, could you on a train?
I would not eat them on a train, I would not eat them on a bus. I do not like existential crisis eggs, I do not like them, Silvi-girl.
Too much coffee, this morning, sorry.

Kim Ayres said...

I was going to suggest scrambled on toast, but elbog's response was better

Tom said...

Elbog: I would like them on wrapped around a 50mg capsule of Zoloft... :)

Kim: Maybe you just need a few more winks of sleep to show elbog up. :)