Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tag, I'm it

I got tagged by Christina over at Prince Vince to write down seven wishes. Oh no, homework! Appreciate it, Christina. :)

Since it is almost Christmas this tag has a wish theme. It does not have to be realistic wishes or materialistic things. This is what you need to do: Write a wish list with seven wishes, describe your wishes, short or long, and then tag 7 Bloggers to do the same.
  1. Health for my family, especially young Ian.
  2. That, as I turn 40 this coming February (hint, hint), I would welcome middle age with grace and a level head. Or very drunk. Either way, I still have my hair.
  3. For a few hours each day where I may dream on paper in order to finish just one piece of writing I can put on my bookshelf and say, "Look, I wrote that." So if you have a few hours you're not using, send them my way.
  4. A plane ticket to anywhere in Europe, preferably somewhere where I can sit in a cafe and conjure up the spirit of Marcel, Kierkegaard or Weil.
  5. The sketching talents of Kathe Kollwitz, directing ability of Nanni Moretti and writing skills of John Irving.
  6. The comedic timing of Bill Murray.
  7. Peace on earth. Or a Big Mac. Yeah, make it a Big Mac.
If you read this, tag, you're it.


Carole said...

Number 7 on your wish list makes me think you already have number

And I think you are trickster in the way you have tagged people.

Tom said...

Carole: I saw you fell for it and blogged your wishes and will drop my two cents on them when I get some breathing room... :)

Christina said...

Thanks for playing :-)

bella said...

Happy early birthday.
I have a feeling your words will one day be in print and on my bookshelf.
And i think you are a comic genius!