Monday, December 03, 2007

"In delay there lies no plenty..."

To therapEE, or not to therapEE, that is the question.

Annie and I never got around to talking about Ian and his therapy program. Judging by the comments I got on the subject, there seems to be no shortage of conflicting opinions. I suspect this is a good thing, to have weighty views on both ends of the seesaw. "Sweet are the uses of adversity."

Some of the things we can do for Ian are common sense things, like lots of tummy time, helping him remember how to roll over, introducing baby food when the time comes. "
There needs no ghost, my lord, come from the grave To tell us this." Other issues might call for professional help, like therapy for various types of muscles (such as what Steve brought up in his comments dealing with certain muscles in the mouth).

All of the doctor's who have seen Ian have remarked on his strength and developed muscle tone. "
Robust grass endures mighty winds..." Based on this, I think we're leaning toward having the physical therapist come once a month. And as far as the occupational therapist is concerned, I still need to be educated as to what kinds of things Ian could learn from him/her.

Thats where we're at.
"If I chance to talk a little wild, forgive me."


rylie's mom said...

I think OT was most helpful to Rylie when it came time to start solid foods.Speech therapy wasn't available yet and I was so thankful for all the feeding tips and techniques the OT supplied.

bella said...

I have no advice what so over.
Just chiming in to say I appreciate your views and the way you are approaching things, not jumping way down the road but taking things as they come.

Tricia said...

It's an interesting question. I think you should follow your gut. It will surprisingly guide you.

If it means anything at all, I will tell you that Georgia sees her PT weekly (except when, due to holidays/sicknesses) she can't. Some weeks, I feel like, "well, that was pointless." But some weeks, it feels good. And I like checking in. We have not seen our PT in 2 weeks b/c of holidays and sicknesses and now I feel like I have a lot of questions. So maybe 1x/month makes sense. But I like that she comes weekly. As crazy as it sounds,it gives me a break. She really works Georgia out. And I like the reassurance I get.

As far as OT. We do it bi-weekly (except in aforementioned circumstances). I think we started OT at about 7 months. I have heard that it goes PT, OT, ST in terms of timing. And OT has come into play as we go into things like eating and pincer grasp, etc...but there is a lot of overlap with PT/OT.

Speech is a hole other animal.

Anyhow, I am usurping your comments to basically say, you know what's best.

I tend to take all the therapy with a grain of salt. That said, they have brought up things I never would have thought of.


Tom said...

Rylie's mom: That's kind of what we're anticipating, as far as when the OT can help us most. Thanks...

Isabel: Thanks for the thoughts..

Tricia: It helps to have time-frames, like "OT at seven months." And little things like "PT, OT and then ST..." We're such newbies at all this.

Appreciate it.