Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Since Silvi and Ian were born, it's gotten more difficult to take trips away from home. My nights are incomplete without roughhousing with my little girl. Without Ian's toothless grin. Or a kiss from Annie.

Hotel rooms are sad places when you're on your own. I would rather stay in a youth hostel. I miss the sounds of other people milling about, talking, cooking, laughing.

Have you noticed the lack of laughter in most hotels?

I fly to Peoria in a few hours to film a marketing video; I've never been to Peoria. Most of the day will be spent standing in the cold, orchestrating the movements of some large machinery. I brought my long johns. Wool socks. Hand warmers. I should buy some Power Bars.

I still love to fly, even after spending so much of my life in airplanes. I always buy a magazine and a candy bar at the airport. Never before. For some reason, the candy tastes better and the magazine is more interesting if I buy it there, like popcorn tastes better in the movie theater.

I need to go pack my camera gear. Tripod, lights, extra batteries, cables. See you Friday.


anne said...

I use to travel a lot when I worked. So glad I don't anymore. I hope you have a nice trip anyway, and I'm so glad to hear that Ian's appointment went well!

anne said...

I meant "used" to travel, but you knew that already, didn't you?

Kim Ayres said...

I'd never heard of Peoria, so had to look it up. Life is a constant new lesson

Laurie said...

Try to enjoy your quiet...I know it's not as fun as the chaos that ensues at home, but sometimes quiet is restful :)

Have a safe trip!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Okay! I am sure you posted this somewhere and I missed it. What are you filming?

Carole said...

Next time fly to St. Louis and I will give you all the noise you ever want. I've been to Peoria many a time and wish you could fly to Transylvania or something. Peoria is not that exciting.

SunflowerMom said...

Peoria is my mother's home town! I was born not far from there, in Chilicothe. Peoria is rather dismal in the winter, but nice when it is warm. You can take cruise on the Spirit of Peoria:

Tom said...

Anne: Thanks, and glad you don't have to be away as much anymore.

Kim: I'd heard of Peoria, but had to look it up as well...

Laurie: Thanks... sometimes it really is restful to have a room all to myself.. not this trip. I need to go somewhere warm.

Shannon: Check out Sunday's post for more information than you ever wanted. :)

Carole: I never even got to see the downtown area, just trees and more trees.

Sunflower: I love the midwest in the summer... If I take a trip down there again next year, I'll try to work in a boat trip. Now, to convince the boss to pay for it.... :)