Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Home sick

I'm sitting in bed with a cup of hot tea, a couple slices of toast with peanut butter and honey, my laptop and an annoying cold. I decided to stay home from work today, not because I'm on my deathbed, but because the next week or so will be packed with some complicated video shoots in our studio and a trip to Peoria, Illinois to stand in the cold for 10 hours filming a marketing video.

Can't have the cameraman sneezing into the lens all day long; although it would be fun to make the video an Advant-garde piece, I think the client would fail to share my enthusiasm.


Kim Ayres said...

For someone who said he quit NaBloPoMo, you still posted more than 30 entries in November and continue to be a prolific blogger.

Hope you feel better soon

bella said...

Feel better soon.
Any chance you'll be in Chicago while coming to Illinois?
Is it just you or is the family coming to?
Crossing my fingers hoping we could all meet up somewhere, maybe inbetween?, and get to meet each other's kids.
Rest, rest, rest.

RK said...

Hope the relaxing day helps a bunch... that's an exciting day, right there. I'll send a hello and wishes for a hoppin' day down I-74 for ya.

Laurie said...

Now you have time to catch up on all your blog reading!

I will post some entries today to keep you occupied.

Tom said...

Kim: As long as I don't HAVE to do something, I usually do it. :) Quirky people we lot are, ehh?

Isabel: Thanks.. just flying to Peoria for one day of shooting, then right back. We might make a trek your way in the Spring and would love to reconnect. I'll let you know...

RK: Never been to Peoria; hope the sun pops out that day...

Laurie: I just pretty much read the last two days with little blogging or playing online... I'll have to catch up on everyone again.