Monday, December 17, 2007

More medical moments

Dr. A, pediatrician extraordinaire, has agreed to take Ian on as a patient. The first thing he is prescribing is a sleep study, which we will do this evening. One reason for the study is to determine if Ian is at risk for OSA, or obstructive sleep apnea. The second reason for the study is to get an accurate measurement of Ian's breathing patterns and the volume of oxygen he is processing.

The second course of action Dr. A is prescribing is begin RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) injections, beginning this Thursday. This is to prevent any possible respiratory infections that could do long-term damage to Ian's lungs. These are specialized shots that require a doctor to be present to administer them (at least the first dose).

Our PT and case supervisor visited again last week to finalize Ian's program: The physical therapist will visit once every other week (at our request) and the occupational therapist will visit once every other month, at least until Ian requires more care. This program can be amended at any time if we feel like Ian is falling behind in some areas.

He is smiling a lot these days, and is able to sit (with my support) without looking like a boxer who is trying to dodge a hit. He's beat me in 8 out of 10 arm wrestling matches, although I think he's cheating. He shouldn't be allowed to smile during a match as it is a distraction and I lose my composure.

Sneaky little bugger.


RK said...

Glad he's in the with good that he's taking quick action and getting things moving right away with a sleep study and the Synagis injections. The therapy plan sounds like a good one, so you seem to have all the bases covered! Look at you go!

bella said...

Grateful that you have found and been welcomed by a doctor you trust and respect. It sounds like Ian is receiving good care and having some fun too.

Elbog said...

All sounds good. You've found someone you trust, and you're taking it all on your terms.
Good work, Mom & Dad!

Kim Ayres said...

Kids are adept at learning how to manipulate parents. Both mine have become expert in doing the Puss-in-boots big eyes thing from Shrek 2

Karen said...

I am glad that you have found such a good, caring doc for Ian. It sounds like his development is right on target, but it's still good to have the Early Intervention services in place.
Our Ben is getting Synagis too. This is his second time around; hopefully he won't need it next year.

Tom said...

RK: 'preciate the encouragement... the sleep study test went well, and the alarm didn't go off once (we still don't know the results).

Isabel: We're stoked, to quote Keanu Reeves in Point Break.

Elbog: Ahh.. now we can just put our feet up on the desk and coast, right? Right? How come you're not saying anything? :)

Kim: Silvi's got that one down, too. She throws in a little Bambi-eyes when she really wants something.

Karen: Early Intervention Services? Not sure what that entails... got some suggestions? (we're still such newbies at all this...)

Karen said...

"Early Intervention" is the collective term I use to describe the services you have for Ian (PT and OT). So you're already on top of things, don't worry!