Friday, January 18, 2008

Monday, monday

For all of you who a hanging on to the edge of your seats, waiting to hear the latest news on our bankruptcy, I've switched lawyers and we meet him on Monday. There were a few red flags with the previous lawyer that I won't get into here.

A few more days reprieve.


bella said...

Crossing my fingers, whispering a prayer, hoping things go well and soon there will be rest.

Steve said...

All I can think of is "Come Monday it will be alright. Come Monday..."
-Jimmy Buffet-.

Brett said...

Wonder what this guy's Monday was like.

Terri said...

hope you do waiting better than me. i hate waiting.

i'm thinking about you and your family and holding you up.

Tammy and Parker said...

Hoping Monday comes.....and goes.....quickly.

Tammy and Parker

Tom said...

Thanks, everyone. And thanks for the laugh, Brett. Hilarious.