Thursday, January 17, 2008

Put on a record

Updated: Having so many videos on my home page seems to slow down the page load time a bit, so I'm going to just post videos over on the My Videos page. And I uploaded a new one of Silvi singing her ABC's. Enjoy.

Remember when you used to spread all your records out on your bedroom floor and just listen to song after song? Ian and I put together a little "mix-tape" of some our favorite hits from the 80's, with a few current singles sprinkled in there. It's about 10 minutes long, so when you get a break from your day and you just want to hang out with a couple of guys and listen to music, check out our video.

(A disclaimer: I am the world's worst DJ. Secondly, my Final Cut Pro program is on the fritz at home, so I fumbled around with iMovie; this is not a polished video.)


fallingdown said...

Well, this made me think about the last time I actually lay around listening to music. Um, well - a very long time. I had forgotten how much I used to love it. These days there is the computer, 'stuff' to do and worst of all the TV. REALLY need to make more time. I only really listen when I need to learn a song for the band.

Yep, Chicago is my era. And 'Suddenly' is one of my favourites ever - after "there's no way any hurt can get through" when it swells to "longing to spend every moment of the day with you, with you...", just love it. Mad World is a great, great song - mind you it was the original I watched on Top of The Pops every week for ages. I was in love with the lead singer from T. for F. Madly. In. Love.

Oops gone on too long. Thanks for this post! You and Ian look so good together - he is a lovely little boy!

God is Great Beauty Salon said...

Brilliant! Ian is so cute. Love his smile.

I must tell you though, even if it will make you disappointed, that Ian is not a big fan of Genesis. They totally made him loose the feeling. Chicago brought his groove back though.


Brett said...

Really a great thread Tom. We agree that music is great for our soul. Elliot was comforted with Rush as a baby. He doesn't know a single nursery rhyme, but he does know all the music we listen to. And he even uses lyrics during conversation with adults. For instance, once while sitting listening to a conversation among a couple of adults, he offered " I am losing my religion and I've got my orange crush."

Hope we're cool with child services ...

Terri said...

you kind of yanked me around a bit on that hall and oates song...nice mix. ian clearly likes michael andrews. i'm a sucker for january songs myself.

Anonymous said...

Priceless, Tom, absolutely priceless. I kept waiting for ABBA, John Denver, The Carpenter's, and a little bit of "Over Hill, Over dale, as we hit the dusty trail, and the Army goes rolling along..." Ah, memories. Hi, Ian, little Buddy. I know you love your Daddy's music. Do this again some time.

Love from Mom/Grandma E.

Tammy and Parker said...

I wanted to let you know that I got the tag thing to work! Thanks!

Tammy and Parker

I'll be back for the music! My family thinks they deserve dinner.....again! Like we just didn't have it last night or something.

lintofpocket said...

I'm so glad you commented on my blog, which led me to your blog. I am so glad...good stuff. I'll be back after Disney:)

Anonymous said...

i love how Ian is so obviously into the music. and how you keep hoisting him up to keep him in the frame. :>


Kim Ayres said...

Love the videos although I have to say, as a man of a similar age, when you were listening to those songs, I was listening to Motorhead, ACDC and the occasional bit of Pink Floyd

bella said...

Oh, I really loved this.
Listening to music is something leo and I can do together and boy really enjoy. And I love it when they sing. :)

Tom said...

fallingdown: I like the Tears for Fears version as well, but this version is much more melancholy.. perfect for a cold winter's day. :) TV used to suck up a lot of my time until I got a high speed internet connection; now I'm on it way too much.

GIGBS: Takes after his old man. :)

Brett: Sounds like he's got some good material to draw from; hopefully it never turns into quotes from McHammer's Can't Touch This.

Terri: Nick Drake for January and The Spice Girls for June... well, let's not get crazy now.

Mom: That'll be on our next album.

Tammy/Parker: Glad you figured it out. Now we can find you. :)

lint: Thanks for popping in.

Elsie: He seemed to be into it.

Kim: Stick around for when Ian gets a bit older; we'll get Angus Young on there, and a little James Hetfield, too.

Bella: Silvi is at the stage when she wants to know what ELSE is on. :)