Friday, January 11, 2008

"Teach, your parents well..."

I finally got around to uploading the pictures of Silvi playing a lamb/dog/calf for the Christmas pageant. It was actually a very moving experience for me, seeing her take part of this annual tradition of remembrance and worship.

Silvi didn't know the words to most of the songs; maybe Away In a Manger. But she tried to sing along anyway. For all the theology books I've read, the few years spent at Bible college, the hours of listening to sermons and reading through the Scriptures on my own, nothing can make the reality of those sacred words more evident than when they spring from my daughter's mouth. Some nights as Silvi is lying in her crib, I hear her singing "Jesus loves me, this I know," softly and innocently in the darkness of her room. Then I understand. I understand everything that is important to understand, that Love is real and permanent and tangible and graspable.

And I want to experience that Love all over again. My little girl teaches me to love, and about Love, and keeps drawing me closer to the source of all Love, that little child "away in a manger."

Not quite sure what we're doing here, but I dig the tunes.

Next year, I'm auditioning for the part of the baby Jesus. My feet are killing me!

Stop doing what?


Kim Ayres said...

Too cute :)

Tammy and Parker said...

Found you via a link from Prince Vince.

Very cute little one.

I am enjoying your blog.

God is Great Beauty Salon said...

Wonderful pictures! And what you wrote made me happy!

Emily said...

Awww, what a cutie! I think the older my kids get the more amazing they become (to me), so lots to look forward to!

Carole said...

Nice, very nice. I think when you get to bored as a kid, you finally figure out what the nose is all about.

Terri said...

Oh my God...kill me now before someone says something else. Thanks Tom. And holy cow (lamb) you make cute kids.

Terri said...

actually as i read that i realized that it was kind of obscure and easily misunderstood. what i meant by it is that you have so solidly summarized what is essential that i want to have that be the last thing to hit my ears before i die. really beautiful and true.

beans said...

hehe-that's really cute. Great words to go along with it as well.

I was at a restaurant once and a dad had his daughter in his lap. She had not one, but TWO fingers in her nose and he was oblivious. Then, at one point she put her hand by his lips and he kissed her all up on her hands. I wanted to hurl. If only he knew where those fingers he was kissing just were! Maybe that's what you do when you are a parent . . .

Anonymous said...

lovely!! Soooo cute.


bella said...

This one got me right in the gut.
I know the feeling.
ANd those times when I get it, really get it, I don't ever want to forget.
The pictures slay me. Too cute. And funny.

anne said...

Such cute photos and sweet sentiment!

Tom said...

Kim: I agree.

Tammy/Parker: Thanks, and welcome.

GIGBS: Thanks, and glad to bring a smile. I usually just bring tears. :)

Emily: Thanks. Looking forward to the non-nose picking in public days. :)

Carole: Ha!

Terri: I had to read it twice to get the jest of it.. thanks for spelling it out. My mind is getting a bit slow these winter days. Reading on a kindergarten level. :)

Beans: I love my daughter but hope to never go through that. :)

Elsie: Thanks.

Bella: I hate that it's so easy to forget. Hard to just "listen" on a day-to-day basis. That's what Silvi and Ian help me do.

Anne: Thanks