Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tagged: Love/Hate

Nebraska over at Braska Bear is excelling in her computer skills; not only can she read and write, but she's learned how to start a blog and play tag. Astounding! :)

I'm supposed to write about a few things that Ian loves and hates; since his communication skills haven't progressed nearly as much as Nebraska's, I'll have to take a guess at most of these:

Ian loves reading, movies, holding hands, long walks by the lake... kidding.

Ian loves it when I sing to him. He has a big toothless smile and it lights up his entire face. He hates being ignored - already. Even though he's only five-months-old. When we sit down for dinner and put him in his swing, he yells and whines until we give in and one of us holds him on our lap while we eat.

Ian used to hate bath-time; the first few times he screamed and cursed (those were most definitely swear words) and his face got as red as Martha Stewart's during tax audits. I'm not sure that he loves taking baths yet, but he no longer yells and I believe I've seen the occasional smile creep into his eyes. (I will love the day when the warm water doesn't cause him to shoot a stream across the tub.)

Ian hates being naked. I think it freaks him out or something. He wriggles around - wide-eyed - and throws a royal fit. He fights putting on his PJ's like he's taking Omaha Beach, his pudgy little arms flailing at the Onesie like a boxer moving in for the kill.

Right hook, left hook, jab, jab, punch.

KO! Ian - winner! Mommy/Daddy - lying unconscious on the tarp.

While I'm sure that Ian loves his big sister, he watches her with a wary eye. Silvi has the propensity for giving rough loves; I don't know if many of you have ever watched Benny Hill (this is not an endorsement), but he's constantly patting a fragile, elderly bald man on the head. I think of that every time Silvi "pats" Ian on the head.

I'm not going to tag anyone else. If you do write about your son or daughter's loves and hates, drop me a line and I'll pop over.


Braska said...

Mr. Tom, You did a good job. And tell Ian I used to hate being naked too, but now I get all giggly when I get my clothes off!

Hugs for Ian and Silvi!!

bella said...

i loved hearing about his loves and hates.
and isn't it the funniest when they cuss in their baby language?

Carole said...

Good post. Fun stuff. Ian sounds like a normal redblooded male if he pees everytime he hits the warm water.

waldenhouse said...

Tom, just found your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed it, you have a great wit, are genuine, and are great writer!

Ian sounds like all three of my boys. Particularly my son Wil, who also has ds. He started out disliking bathtime and now it is his most frequently used sign. He begs for bathtime every night. Hopefully Ian's tolerance will lead to enjoyment!

Terri said...

I love the way you are finding your son as he emerges with personality and preferences. There is a real dignity in this kind of loving attention from a parent. You're a good dad.

Tom said...

Braska: Thanks... and it took me a few minutes to remember that you're writing as Braska and not RK. :) Uncomfortable moment there. :)

Isabel: Still waiting for Silvi to cuss in grown up language, although I have no idea where she would get it from... :)

Carole: I try not to think about it at the local swimming pool.

Waldenhouse: Thanks for stopping by; I left you a comment a few weeks ago on your (theology?) blog. And thanks for the kind words..

Terri: Thanks... but next week it's burping contests. That'll take the dignity down a notch or two. :)

David said...

It was at 8 months (August, we had moved to Chicago), when our son suddenly started to laugh and play in the bath. It was a good night.

And then the bath became the ultimate "wind-down" or "prolong awake" tool at the end of the day, depending on which direction we were going.

Tom said...

David: Appreciate you stopping over; I'm looking forward to those days, and think they might be right around the corner. I think my daughter is helping to distract my son by spashing wildly. :)