Tuesday, January 01, 2008

More books

One of my unwritten resolutions for 2008 is to read more books. I uploaded a bunch of the book titles from my personal library to LibraryThing. Stop by and check out my list; maybe you can suggest some good books that aren't on there. (I also added a link to these books over in the right-hand column.)


Gardener Greg said...

May I suggest "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls. I was shocked and uplifted by the book.

God is Great Beauty Salon said...

Read more??
Seems to me like you're reading quite a lot already :)

Can't think of a book to recommend right now, apart from Simone de Beauvoir's "'The Second Sex". It's amazing how something written that long ago can still be very much up to date.

But that's only if you're interested in that stuff, I guess.

Tom said...

GG: Thanks; I'll look it up.

GIGBS: The list is of books that are spread out over years... and I'm a compulsive book buyer. I think I have a copy of "The Second Sex" some where, or did. Thanks.

Brett said...

Not sure if I mentioned these before, so here goes:

Money and the Meaning of Life, by Jacob Needleman

A Hidden Wholeness, by Parker Palmer ( He knows depression well)

Anonymous said...

Book I'm into right now (with only one eye working, of course) is "Undoing Depression -- What therapy doesn't Teach You and Medication Can't give you." By Richard O'Connor, himself a depressive -- the best book I've ever read on depression.

On my list to read: Anything by Wilma Mankiller (former principal chief of the Cherokee Nation), and "Condolezza Rice -- An American Life", by Elizabeth Bumiller.

And, son, HAPPY NEW YEAR. May it be happy and hopeful. "..life -- a perpetual spree!" (Ebenezer himself).


Tom said...

Brett: Appreciate it, Brett. I spent an hour reading what I could on Needleman yesterday. And will check out Palmer today.

Mom: You shouldn't be reading! But thanks for the book suggestion.

beans said...

I think it is very funny that your mom is reading your blog-and she shouldn't be and you keep reminding her of this-I suppose she should be put in time out or something for doing something she's not supposed to be doing . . hehe

eclexia said...

Oh, this is so funny. I thought I was getting my act together because I finally decided to keep a list of all the books I want to read this year and all the ones I do read. And I'm doing this in a journal somebody gave me, because I've just about given up "regular" handwritten journaling since I started blogging.

But lo and behold, there's a hi-tech, public way to keep track of what I'm reading. Well, their website is not as pretty as my new journal and I can't take it with me everywhere, so I'll stick with low tech for a while :) Still, it's a cool idea, and I should have figured somebody had an online way to do it.

I love your blog.

Tom said...

Beans: My mom wasn't supposed to read after eye laser surgery... "Mom, are you reading this?" :)

eclexia: I like being able to take my list with me, too, but am too lazy to write down all the books. My "written" journal also suffers much neglect because of this blog. :)