Friday, January 25, 2008


I've had to go to work early this week to edit and author a complicated, interactive dvd for an insurance company. Each morning, I drive by a lake that is usually dotted with joggers and walkers.

At 5:30am.

When it's -15 below zero. Air temperature, not including wind chill.

Who are you people!?


Terri said...

That's hilarious Tom because I was thinking the same thing when I saw some joggers the other day. I can't even get myself to jog when it's a perfect 72 degrees in the fall. Crazy, crazy, frickin' crazy. That's all I have to say about that!

Laurie said...

Not I.

Not ever I.

Carole said...

People who have lost their minds and they are running around looking for them.

bella said...

i'm with you.
it is crazy.
truly crazy.
and you can find my ass on the couch or in bed in this weather.
oh, and thank-you for sharing that video in the other post.
i see whole new worlds through you.

beans said...

Amen brother! I agree . . .freakish people they are!

Tom said...

Terri: Cerifiably nuts. :)

Laurie: Not even if I were able.

Carole: Made me laugh out loud; thanks, I needed that.

Isabel: Glad you checked out the video; strange new world for me. Not as a strange as those joggers, though.

Beans: My treadmill is a great place to hang my clothes. :)

Anonymous said...

we're all just jealous. i'd buy that discipline in a bottle.