Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"You like me, you really like me"

Terri seems to think I'm funny. Even after this joke, which NOBODY got; not my wife, not my parents, not anyone. (It's not funny if you have to explain it, BUT... I thought it would be funny if a guy with the most common of names moved to a place with the world's longest name and got a part-time job addressing envelopes at a company with a really long name. He gets writer's cramp, see, and he.... Ha? Bueller... *crickets* .)

Thanks, Terri; I greatly appreciate it. And my wife also thinks I'm funny, but I do believe the way she uses the word is open to interpretation. Ha?

P.S. Run Lola Run rocks.


Terri said...

I totally got that joke...i was just reeling from having my chain yanked on the middle east crack. I'm glad you're back Tom. Sounds like it was a really stimulating trip. ;)

Oh, if you make any of those "how to" videos let me know.

bella said...

and well deserved.

RK said...

Yay for you. And yes, Run Lola Run does rock. It's a fave of ours.

Tom said...

Terri: Stimulating trip... kind of like the trip to the salad bar stimulates me.

Isabel: Thanks

RK: We'll all have to do a movie night one day... :)

Laurie said...

I would just like to say that I did, in fact, get your joke and I appreciated it :)

I was just out of town and didn't comment due to limited computer usage time.

So, here is a belated LOL.

Tom said...

Laurie: You are one of the fortunate - or unfortunate - few who understand my humor, or lack thereof. :) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i got it. next time i will tell you - it was funny and i saved the welsh sigm image for future reference. :>